Management Profile

Sunil Raut


Sunil focuses on accomplishing engineering excellence for Pinnacle’s engineering and projects teams, this includes executive training, leadership development and process development. He develops strategic partnerships with the sales team to improve the coordination of activities between sales and operations. Sunil plays a key role in identifying and developing our future leaders.

Along with other domain expertise, Sunil has indepth experience in motion control. His expertise and leadership have ensured that Pinnacle is considered as one of the leading industrial automation companies in the packaging sector.

In addition, Sunil has the key responsibility for oversight and planning of Pinnacle’s financial activities.

Sunil has been part of the leadership team at Pinnacle for the last 25 years. He holds bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering.

Parvez Lanewala


Parvez leads Pinnacle’s process automation and project management teams. He is responsible for overall project execution and performance ensuring deployment of the latest technology and using best industry practices.

Parvez is a technology expert in process automation. He has played a leading role in Pinnacle’s business expansion into core sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage and power plants. He also has strong expertise in working with Process OEMs. Has thorough understanding of the GAMP5 guidelines for the pharmaceutical sector.

Parvez has been part of the leadership team at Pinnacle for the last 22 years. He holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering.

Vaibhav Chokhawala


(1973 - 2021)

Vaibhav was a founding member and integral part of the organisation. His vision and expertise in the area of drive systems were instrumental in establishing Pinnacle as leaders in the areas of critical drive systems. Vaibhav’s focus and commitment has ensured that we are considered as experts partners in the critical drive systems for sectors like material handling, elevators and textiles and more.

Vaibhav had taken up the key responsibility of setting up and managing Pinnacle’s in-house Control Panel manufacturing unit. Our facility is state of the art and ensures quality and approvals with continuous improvement in the manufacturing process.

Vaibhav was also focused on growing the organisation's footprint and ensured Pinnacle’s geographic expansion in other regions in India. . He held a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. Vaibhav was part of the leadership team for 22 years.

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