Three Phase Servo Electronic Transformer

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This product is an ultra small volume three phase servo electronic transformer specially designed for the mismatch between the AC Power Supply voltage and the AC servo motor voltage It minimizes the issues of traditional coil type transformers as they are bulky heat generating, power consuming and difficult to install It does not cause pollution to the power grid It is and ideal product for solving power adapter problems in industrial control systems and is fundamentally different from power frequency transformers in terms of performance Using this new age product is a qualitative leap forward.

This product uses the most cutting edge microwave devices Three phase full bridge switch resonant technology, SPWM modulation technology, which completely eliminates EMI interferences It is widely used with Panasonic, Delta, Fuji, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Sanyo, Dongguan Fujitsu, Hitachi, Omron, AB, Frank Lost, Kobe, Lentz AC Servo products. The transformer capacity can be from 2 KW 80 KW, which satisfies the entire range of all servo motor voltages.

  • Output and input current of the automatic regulation servo systems are not affected by the change of current which better the performance of the servo motor.
  • Aesthetic appearance small frame size, low weight, easy to install and carry.
  • Low power, low heat, no noise, anti jamming, advanced electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Immediate current load capacity, 3-5 times of rated current.
  • Safe and reliable Life cycle more than 20 years.
  • Excellent performance with efficiency > 99.8%.
  • Lightning stroke protection, extreme voltage/current protection Keep working under lacking phase Optional working in parallel connection.
  • Typical applications CNC machine tools, testing machines, winding machines, teaching machines, packaging machinery, semiconductor machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment, automation equipment industry.

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